Big Fix Monterey County complements other spay/neuter programs by bringing low-cost services directly to pet owners.  

COVID-19 Update

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the organizations involved in Big Fix mobile spay/neuter clinics. We’ve been modifying all programs to limit public contact.


A shelter in place order has just been issued by the County of Monterey Health Department, effective March 18. This means we will have skeleton crews for essential services.


We apologize and regret that we need to cancel the March 24 mobile clinic and we will not be scheduling mobile clinics for the rest of March and most likely through April, but we will be back serving our community’s pet owners as soon as we can. Please check back with our website periodically.

Who We Are

A collaborative initiative between local nonprofits and municipal organizations to bring low-cost mobile spay/neuter services to pet owners living in targeted Monterey County areas.

Participating Organizations

The SPCA for Monterey County, Animal Friends Rescue Project, FoCASPeace of Mind Dog Rescue, Spay California Now, Community Cat Allies, Monterey County Animal Services, Salinas Animal Services

Mobile Clinic Calendar

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